What are symptoms and causes of tinnitus?

What are symptoms and causes of tinnitus?

Tinnitus comes from the Latin word “tinnire” which means to ring. 

As you age nerves in the ear don’t function as they use to. As a result they can begin to deliver false signals. Most people that have tinnitus report hearing a high pitched ringing, buzzing, hissing, roaring, whistling, whooshing and in some cases though rare beeping sounds in one or both ears or coming from the head. While each person is unique most seem to agree that ringing is more common than most. 

There are several different reasons why you could be experiencing tinnitus symptoms. Here are a few: 

Exposure to loud noise: 
Ear Wax Buildup 
Head trauma 
Ear & Sinus infection 
Life Trauma 
Anxiety Disorder 
Panic Disorder 
TMJ Disorder 
Meniere’s Disease 

Tinnitus can be difficult to treat and often times it may take several different treatment approaches before the desired results are achieved. The number of choices, resources and options can be overwhelming. Studies have shown that if left untreated your tinnitus will likely worsen over time. Your best course of action is to identify the source and seek treatment accordingly. 

Most people find little or no relief for their tinnitus because they lack the information necessary to treat it properly. Properly diagnosing tinnitus and identifying the root cause can be difficult for some however it is the required first step to properly treat tinnitus. 

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